Chapter 4 Upgrading

Tinderbox may undergo a variety of changes between versions. In order to make sure your Tinderbox stays fully operational after copying over a new version's distribution, you should run the following command:

# cd ${pb}/scripts && ./tc Upgrade

Note: This command may require administrative access to the database. If such access is not available from your Tinderbox host, you may have to load an upgrade schema file manually. The upgrade script will provide such instructions if needed.

Tinderbox upgrades to 3.0 are supported only from Tinderbox 2.4.x. If you are running a release prior to 2.4.0, you must first upgrade to the latest 2.4 release, then upgrade to 3.0.

The 3.0 upgrade will migrate all data, configuration, and scripts from 2.x EXCEPT any customized port fail reasons and port fail patterns. These will have to be re-entered by hand after completing the 3.0 upgrade.

CAVEAT: If you are doing a major upgrade (i.e. moving from one major version of Tinderbox to another), be sure to backup your database BEFORE running tc Upgrade. Major upgrades may drop and recreate the database, and this has the potential for data loss.