Chapter 2 Requirements

Recent FreeBSD (development happens on 10-CURRENT only, but Tinderbox is known to work on RELENG_8 and RELENG_9 too), Perl (lang/perl5.14), and either MySQL (databases/mysql55-server) or PostgreSQL (databases/postgresql90-server). All versions of each in the ports tree are supported.

If MySQL is used, the MySQL Perl module must also be installed (databases/p5-DBD-mysql). If PostgreSQL is used, the Pg Perl module must also be installed (databases/p5-DBD-Pg).

Note: Please note that is is recommended that for MySQL version 5.0 or later be used. There are currently no plans to make this a requirement, but it may happen in the future.

The web front-end (found in webui/) requires PHP 5 (lang/php5), PHP5 pdo (databases/php5-pdo), PHP Session (www/php5-session), and a set from:

Note: SQLite support is only in Tinderbox version 4.0 or later

If you will be sending emails from Tinderbox (e.g. build failure or build completion emails) you must install net/p5-Net to get the Net::SMTP Perl module.